Dalí being Dalí! The Nickelodeon of the Id!

– Robert Hughes’ concise description of Salvador Dalí (Shock of the New, episode 5) 

They say that sex is the poor man’s opera, but the cafe was the opera of the dissenters.

– Robert Hughes, coining a description as only he can do for the cafe society of intelligentsia that emerged in the wake of the First World War

(Source: youtu.be)

Robert Hughes and Alberto Mugrabi (Interview)

RH: Mr. Mugrabi, what is it that you collect?
AM: Eh... I collect mostly, eh, modern, contemporary art.
RH: Somebody told me that your father had something like 800 Warhols. Is that true?
AM: (hesitates) Yeah, that is true.
[Long, awkward pause. RH studies AM up, AM looks uncomfortable.]
RH: What's your opinion of Warhol?
AM: I think Warhol is probably one of the most visionary artists of our time. He is an artist that has opened every door for every artist today.
RH: Did you know him?
AM: No, I never met Andy Warhol.
RH: I used to [know him.] I thought he was one of the stupidest people I've ever met in my life.